When was the last time you felt and looked good leaving your doctor’s office ?

Introducing Meridian Integrative Medicine! A new concept in healthcare. Developed by Dr Maureen Hecker -Rodriguez, Meridian Integrative Medicine is a new way to look at your health and wellness. In addition to traditional Internal Medicine, our office offers another level of medical care not found in your traditional “ Doctor’s office”. Doctor Hecker has over 30 years of medical experience.

Meridian Integrative Medicine is a Hybrid type practice – utilizing Western and Eastern approaches to tackle medical problems and address wellness and balance in the system . A blend of the traditional with the non traditional to offer more complete care. Our focus is on WELLNESS . If disease progression can be prevented or halted at an early stage, better control of the human system is achieved.

Our office offers:

Medical Acupuncture – ACUGRAPH evaluation ( artificial intelligence evaluation of the body’s meridian /electrical flows) , electroacupuncture, cupping, ion channel exchange of energy, laser acupuncture
Medical Aesthetics – botox and microdermabrasion
Premiere Medical services – Personalized Concierge Medicine
General Internal Medicine – annual exams/physicals, chronic care management, IV fluids, nebulizer treatments, injections , EKG.

We accept most major commercial medical plans with the exception of : United/UMR- (still trying to contract with them) and Managed Care programs such as Peoples’ Health, Humana Gold and Medicaid. Acupuncture is fee for service. If you have acupuncture benefits with your carrier, you can pursue reimbursement directly.


Our priority is your health and wellness.

We look forward to serving you. Our staff is dedicated to our patients and their care.

Yours truly in wellness,
Maureen Hecker -Rodriguez, M.D. –
Lanita May , Clinical Operations specialist
Kaylee Jackson, MA
Pedro Marconi, Receptionist