SPRING IS TUNE UP TIME!! Ever feel like you are OFF BALANCE? Can’t quite figure out why you feel this way?? 



Did you know we have a way in which to balance your energy, thus allowing you a means to balance your life??
Meridian Integrative Medicine utilizes computer programming/artificial intelligence to map the energy currents known as Qi-(pronounced “chi”) in the body. With a simple survey of key points on the hands and feet, Dr Hecker is able to produce bar graph analysis of various meridians in the body. The information gathered gives details on: energy levels during 24 hours, mapping painful areas in the spine, and can even identify food groups that will benefit increasing Qi levels to promote more balance and harmony. With the information obtained, acupuncture is performed strategically and with the use of unidirectional diodes, energy can be allowed to move away from high ares to support the low areas. We balance the “Yin and Yang” in the body.


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We also perform TARGETED ACUPUNCTURE. These are short acupuncture sessions (typically 15 mins) in which areas of pain are treated. Great for Tennis elbow, plantar fasciitis, back/neck pain, shingles, allergies, etc.


Take charge of your life. You only have one! Why not enjoy the benefits of ancient therapies that really work!


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