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Medical Acupuncture

Meridian Integrative Medicine utilizes ACUGRAPH, an acupuncture electronic program which interprets electrical pathways (Ohms meter) that can determine deficiencies/excesses in the body.  Acugraph gives a detailed readout that show imbalances and patients are given recommendations such as dietary changes and ways that Chinese techniques can help promote restoration [...]


Premiere Medicine

Are you searching for an inclusive, modern approach to health and wellness?  Become a Premiere Member and receive comprehensive annual exams and added benefits that typical insurance doesn’t cover. Plus, you can take advantage of concierge healthcare services and create a personalized healthcare relationship. Premiere Memberships  are limited to [...]


Aesthetic Services

Looking good can be just as important as feeling good.  With so many options for aesthetic services available you want to ensure that the person treating you is certified and knowledgeable. Dr. Hecker performs all aesthetic services offered at Meridian Integrative Medicine and can assist [...]


Internal Medicine

Are you ready for a different type of healthcare?  Meridian Integrative Medicine is a Hybrid type practice - utilizing Western and Eastern approaches to tackle medical problems and address wellness and balance in the system .  A blend of the traditional with the nontraditional to [...]