I have had ongoing pain with my shoulders and lower back for many years.  I’ve taken ibuprofen and naproxin however the relief was minimal at best. I heard great things about Dr. Maureen Hecker and the strides she has been making improving people’s health with acupuncture.  I read articles stating how effective acupuncture is with relieving all kinds of medical conditions. I had to see for myself, so I made an appointment.  What a significant difference and improvement!  I feel so much better these days, and enjoy a much better quality of life.  The best part is Dr. Hecker is extremely thorough. She pleasantly and professionally takes as much time as you need to assess your medical issues to provide a comprehensive game plan to better your health.  You are not rushed through a short-allotted period type assembly line like most medical providers I have used in the past. Dr. Hecker is a rare breed that all physicians could learn from!


My wife and I have had the pleasure and good fortune of having Dr. Hecker as our primary physician for over 13 years. Now Dr. Hecker has added acupuncture to her practice.  I have used her expertise in acupuncture twice for two different problems and could not be happier.  My wife has had great success with acupuncture administered by Dr. Hecker.  I would recommend her service in a heartbeat!

B. Goings

Dr. Maureen Hecker effectively applied AccuGraph technology to address several medical conditions for me in several acupuncture sessions ranging from chronic nerve damage, anxiety, insomnia, and more. She is a truly caring and compassionate physician who goes above and beyond to identify, address, and treat every malady identified by means of AccuGraph and acupuncture.  I highly recommend her expertise to address both acute and chronic healthcare issues which responded positively to several sessions by her.  I was somewhat skeptical of acupuncture previously but have reaped the positive benefits in a short amount of time.

E. Mitchell